KIBIN is a community for researchers at Karolinska Institutet using brain imaging within neuroscience, focusing on MRI, PET, EEG, and MEG.

KIBIN was initiated in the fall 2018 to serve as a platform for interaction, sharing ideas, collaboration and education.

KIBIN is starting up with 3 concrete lines of action:

1. Creating a common platform for activities, research and resources relevant for KIBIN researchers.

-- This is the function of the web site.

2, Provide a mailing list for announcements relevant for KIBIN researchers.

-- This is the KI-BIN mailing list. Please register here. All are very welcome to organize and announce events.   

3. Organization of activities centered on methods issues.

-- These activities will be announced via the KI-BIN mailing list. All are very welcome to attend events.   

Regular KIBIN organized activities will include:

•Invited talks from inspiring external speakers

•Talks from PIs of KI groups

•Methods seminars

•Hands-on tutorials

•Data hang-outs (informal open slots where people can ask questions / discuss data)

•Project presentations (combined with the hang-outs)

•Journal clubs

•Social activities

KIBIN was initiated by Daniel Lundqvist ( and Rita Almeida (

Mailing list administration membership is currently administrated by Andreas Gerhardsson (

All are welcome to contribute and help shaping the forum and activities.

Please let us know if and how you want to contribute here.